Eco Dryer Eggs
Eco Dryer Eggs
Eco Dryer Eggs
Eco Dryer Eggs
Eco Dryer Eggs
Eco Dryer Eggs

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Eco Dryer Eggs

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Using your tumble dryer is expensive, in fact it is one of the most expensive appliances to use in the home, but sometimes with the unpredictable Irish weather, you are left with no choice but to use it. Ecoegg Dryer Eggs reduce your tumble drying time by up to 28%.

What are the benefits of the ecoegg Dryer Eggs?
Not only do the Dryer Eggs dry your clothes more quickly but they also soften and gently fragrance your laundry. The natural fragrance oils contained in the Fresh Linen and Spring Blossom fragrance sticks add a delicate scent to your laundry.

Because ecoegg keep the fragrance levels low, the Dryer Eggs are hypoallergenic. They are so proud to have worked with Allergy UK to get their ‘Allergy Friendly Product Award’ for the ecoegg Dryer Eggs which gives customers confidence in their product.

How do the ecoegg Dryer Eggs work?
The Dryer Eggs help to separate your laundry so that more air can circulate, drying each item more quickly. The nodules on the eggs are designed to help soften your clothes naturally so there is no need to use fabric softener. Simply put them in the tumble dryer drum with your washing and they’ll do their magic!

The ecoegg Dryer Eggs come in matching fragrances to the ecoegg Laundry Egg – Fresh Linen, Spring Blossom and Fragrance Free and so are perfect to use to dry, soften and fragrance your laundry after using the Laundry Egg. A great eco-friendly option!

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the ecoegg Dryer Eggs if you have a Hotpoint Aquarius tumble dryer

Refill Packs

When the fragrance from your Ecoegg Dryer Eggs runs out, don’t throw it away – reuse and refill with a new pack of Dryer Egg Fragrance Sticks!

Unlike traditional tumble drying devices, our Ecoegg Dryer Eggs contain a hidden gem in the shape of a unique hypoallergenic fragrance stick infused with essential oil that fragrance your clothes in the dryer. A patent pending breakthrough! The Dryer Eggs leave your clothes smelling gorgeous and baby soft and so are great for sensitive skin.

When your Dryer Egg Fragrance Sticks are finished, the replacements will give you another 40 dries, continuing to fragrance your clothes with no harsh chemicals in sight.

Refills are packed with essential oils and great for people with sensitive skin.

Fragrance sticks are only for use with Ecoegg Dryer Eggs

Ecoegg Dryer Eggs will continue to leave your clothes smelling great without the need for fabric softener

Contains no harsh chemicals

Box Contains: 4 x fragrance sticks for use with your Ecoegg Dryer Eggs, enough for 40 dries.


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