Bamboo cotton swabs


Bamboo cotton swabs

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Organic bamboo cotton swabs

100 pieces

Made of bamboo and fluffy cotton - 100% biodegradable - plastic-free - 100 pieces per package - packed in recycled carton - without chlorine

Our cotton swabs made of bamboo and organic cotton are - no matter if at home or on the way - your alternative to all plastic options. 

The cotton buds come in recycled cardboard boxes.

100 pieces in each box.


The cotton swabs are intended for cleaning the ear, but not the ear canal.

After use, do not throw into the toilet, but into the biodegradable waste or compost.


Dispose of the swab in the organic waste or compost. The cotton swabs are biodegradable. The packaging can simply be thrown into your recycling bin.


Stick: 100% bamboo

Swabs: 100% organic cotton