Beeswax Wrap Revive Kit
Beeswax Wrap Revive Kit

Ireland Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wrap Revive Kit

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Ballyvourney and Bantry Beeswax & Jojoba Revive Bar with handmade bee button

Cracking is unfortunately unavoidable with beeswax wraps, but it’s just cosmetic. If you would like to revive your wraps and extend their shelf life well past the advised year or so, it's simple with this Revive Bar.

Made from a blend of Ballyvourney and Bantry beeswax and a splash of Jojoba oil, which makes wraps pliable. We’ve included a handmade button so you can hand sew your own sandwich pouch! In theory, your wraps can keep going for many years.

This Kit contains enough to revive up to 10 wraps.

Kit is beautifully boxed and contains:

  • 50g of Ballyvourney beeswax with jojoba oil  (this is three hexagonal bars and will easily revive extra large or several medium sized wraps).  Made from sustainably sourced beeswax.  Light and creamy colour due to the flowers growing near the hives such as white clover, lime blossom and blackberry.
  • The Irish Button Company – We have included a specially designed just for us handmade ‘bee’ porcelain button with a crystallised glaze, made by Kathleen in her Recess studio, Connemara. Make your wrap into a sandwich pouch using the Irish linen waxed thread.
  • Natural Irish waxed linen thread
  • Detailed Instruction leaflet


The instructions:

If you want to clean your beeswax wrap prior to reviving, take the opportunity now to do a hot soapy wash. Note: This is the ONLY time we recommend using hot water on your wrap (and some of the wax will come off).

  1. Place your older wrap on a baking sheet/oven tray and pop it in a low oven of 80°C to melt the existing blend first. This will help warm your wrap and deal with any creases and cracks.
  2. Take it out and grate your Ballyvourney beeswax Bar evenly over your wrap – concentrating on worn off places.
  3. Pop it back into the oven and warm it for a few minutes until the wax has melted, take it out and using a basting brush distribute the newly melted wax blend across the surface of your wrap. No need to turn over as the wax will melt through the fabric to the other side, waxing both sides.
  4. Using tongs remove from baking paper and hang to set.

Note of caution: Melting wax can be very hot and liquidises at a low temperature – take all necessary safety precautions using oven gloves and tongs.