Sustainable Make Up Gift Set

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Sustainable Make Up Gift Set

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This Set features a 10 pack of reusable make up remover pads and a Zero Waste Make Up wand to help you retrieve the remaining product from your beauty bottles.  The flexible tip also doubles as an applicator.

The sensational secret to getting the last drop from your make up products. A stroke of genius that will save you money each year and prevent waste.

Specially designed and created to help get the most from your liquid makeup, skin care, lipsticks and even hair care products.  The amazing SHEIBA wand will save you both time and money and even helps get to those hard to reach areas at the top and end of the bottle/tube. The wand is easy to clean and will not absorb your product.

Material: Wood, Silicone, Aluminium

Dimensions: 17.5cm length, silicone tip 1 cm wide

Note: The SHEIBA Wand will not fit into a tube, tub or bottle where the mouth is less than 1cm in diameter.

Gently clean by wiping with a damp cloth.  Do not scrub vigorously.

The SHEIBA wand was designed by Vicky Rundle, a make up artist from Dublin, living in Australia. She recently launched SHEIBA Beauty Ireland.

Such a clever product and a great gift.

Cotton Pads

10 pads in each pack. 

ImseVimse’s cleansing pads are washable, ideal for removing make up and are kind to your skin. Save money in the long run and help improve the environment by using reusable cleansing pads in organic cotton Terry. This environmentally friendly product won’t disappoint you.

Please note that laundry bags are no longer available with this product.

Pad diameter: 8 cm/3.15 inch

Please note that the pads may be black/white depending on availability.