Toothfaerie Toothpaste- Wild Orange & Petitgrain


Toothfaerie Toothpaste- Wild Orange & Petitgrain

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55ml jar

Ireland's first zero waste toothpaste, Toothfaerie is handcrafted in Co. Clare made with 99% organic ingredients and health supplements

Packaged in reusable glass jars with compostable labels

100% Food Grade and suitable for all ages

Designed to actively rejuvenate gums and remineralise teeth

Earth's Most powerful antioxidant Snagre de Drago also known as Dragon's Blood is commonly known to repair collagen and reverse symptoms of receding gums

Profit from every jar goes towards planting native trees across Ireland with the Forest of Ireland

Made to help people heal oral / body health and make the switch away from plastic

Distilled water is purified with activated charcoal and Elite Karelian Shungite crystals
Magnsium Chloride - a highly absorbably form of Magnesium is transcendentally absorbed into blood stream through gums

No plastic, No Glycerin, No fluoride, No SLS, Gluten free, Vegan, Not tested on animals
All ingredients are sustainably sourced and ethically harvested - no trees are cut down to harvest ingredients

Suppliers use no single use plastic - only recyclable or compostable packaging

Suppliers plant trees and support ethical work at the source of our ingredients in places that include the Himalayas, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Poland, Turkey, Greece and United States of America.

Made in handmade raw porcelain bowls and bamboo without plastic or heavy metals

- Use a pea sized amount
- For gum issues rub in at night time and leave on for the duration of the night
- Travel friendly
- If toothpaste goes dry, place some pure water into jar and leave overnight - by the morning it will return to a paste