5 Ways to Have A More Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is a time of love, sparkles and magic in abundance. But it's also a time of overconsumption and waste. We are all aware of just how important it is to reduce our environmental footprint in any way we can – and that starts at home. With this in mind, here are 5 ways to enjoy a more sustainable Christmas.


Top tips ways to enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas in 2023 

1. Avoid plastic or glitter wrapping for gifts

Anything that involves plastic or glitter is unsustainable. Instead, you can use recyclable paper for wrapping your gifts. We have a supply of eco-friendly wrapping sheets here. Supercharge your gifts by wrapping them in sustainable materials and do something great for the planet. Use a scarf, tea-towel or cloth and learn Furoshiki ,the traditional Japanese method of wrapping gifts.  The wrapping can be a gift in itself!


2. Pre-plan your grocery shopping & buy local produce

A lot of food gets wasted at Christmas. We recommend you make a list of your groceries beforehand and be mindful of buying the right amount. Buying local produce also minimises the carbon footprint of the food before it reaches your plate. The slow food movement is all about farm to fork, yum! We have a great book to help you get creative with leftovers to cut down on food waste.  Check out Conor Spacey's book 'Wasted' here.


3. Choose the gifts mindfully

Before you rush out and panic buy, think about what your family members and friends really value. Most people treasure quality time with a loved one over goods and products. Perhaps this year, offer to take them out for dinner, to a sporting event or even a little trip somewhere. Create memories with the people you love most as nothing else really matters. Presence is a present and that should not be overlooked. 


4. Recycling

Most objects now can be recycled. By recycling you extend the life cycle of a product and give it new life. Repurposing can almost be an art form. Whether recycling, donating or regifting, make sure that you don't throw out the old when the new comes along and try to find a use for it. Just get creative! 


5. Rent a Christmas tree instead of buying one

Renting a Christmas tree is much better than buying one. As no one wants to see their tree die in the new year! In between Christmases, rented trees can be re-planted and cared for by the supplier. Then they are ready to use again the following year. The trees themselves not only provide habitats for wildlife but continue to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  Check out Christmas Tree Rental here.


Final Thoughts

Being sustainable this Christmas does not mean compromising on enjoyment. Buy eco-products where possible; this simple step will make the biggest impact. Our conscious Christmas gifts can be found here.

Make going green a new family tradition this festive season, the Earth deserves a happy holiday too!

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