Sustainable living products


Sustainable living is a lifelong journey that starts with the decisions we make each day, from what we consume to how we shop and how we minimise waste. The process of learning and building new habits that comes with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle can be challenging at first, but it’s highly rewarding in the long term, both for the planet and our bodies.

Ode to Earth is an Irish sustainable living shop that aims to inspire and empower you and your family to live an eco-friendly, plastic-free life. We believe that sustainability should be simple, affordable and fun. That’s why we want to help you take that one extra step towards a zero-waste lifestyle, whether it’s getting your first reusable coffee cup or organic shampoo bar or transforming your entire grocery shopping list. 

Explore our curated range of sustainable living products, including bath and beauty essentials, household and cleaning products, on the go products, gift sets and kids items. We make it easy for you to ditch single-use plastic, cut down on waste and reduce your carbon footprint once and for all.

Many of the sustainable living products available in our shop are handmade in Ireland. We are honoured to support 40+ local Irish businesses and bring their amazing eco-friendly products closer to you. 

Level up on your sustainability journey by checking out the helpful tips and tricks we’ve prepared for you in our blog section. And remember, each small step you take today has a great impact on your life and contributes to positive environmental change.