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Second-hand September Why & How to Get Involved!

Do you remember your last purchase of clothing? Did you find yourself getting trapped in the trends for Autumn? We far too often get swooped up into the “What’s New” Fashion pages. The reality is that every week, 13 million items of clothing end up in UK landfill. Source: Oxfam © 2020   Second-hand September is in full swing. Set up by Oxfam, this new worthwhile challenge aims to inform people to stop shopping for new clothes and instead, look for pre-loved items! This could be swapping clothes with friends, checking out Depop, eBay or even upcycling what you currently own!   “Fashion accounts for 20% to 30% of microplastics that flow into the ocean”. - The State of Fashion,...

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Cutting Down on Plastic when Out 'n' About

I will be sharing some tips over the next month but I certainly don't want anybody to think that I have this eco lifestyle thing down!! I don't. I do my best and that is all any of us can do. For years, I mindlessly bought things without thinking about how far they had travelled, about who had made them or what environmental impact they had. ⠀ Slowly but surely, I am learning more and am becoming more conscious of what I buy and do and as the great Maya Angelou said we can only do our best until we know better and as I am learning, I am trying to do better.

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Ode to Earth - The Journey

I need to rewind 25 years to get to the beginning of the journey.  I was part of a small team that set up an Environmental Group in our Secondary school.  We planted trees around the school, organised speakers and began recycling aluminium cans.  We even emptied all the bins in to the assembly area to see how much rubbish we produced in a week.  The smell was far from floral as you can imagine!  Do you ever look back and admire how you didn't really care about what others thought of you and just did things?!  Projects on the flora & fauna of Killarney and animal testing must have made their mark on me somehow.  That and running the...

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