Hi, I’m Caroline Griffin, founder of Ode to Earth, the one-stop shop for sustainable living.

Our family has been trying to cut down on plastic use for a few years now. While we have by no means achieved a plastic-free life yet, we’ve continuously made small changes towards living more sustainably. Today, we’re much more aware of what we buy and use. 

Throughout our journey, I discovered how difficult it was to find a place where I could easily access all the organic, eco-friendly products I needed to support my family’s minimal waste lifestyle. That ultimately inspired me to create Ode to Earth and empower others to start their sustainability journey.

I’m not advocating throwing out all the plastic in your house but rather trying to use up what you already have first. Whenever you need to buy something new, I recommend you choose a plastic-free, sustainable alternative to replace it. Your body and our planet will thank you for it. 

All the products available at Ode to Earth have been thoroughly tried and tested in our home so that your journey can be easier and more enjoyable. I’m so proud to be supporting 40+ Irish businesses, many of them female-led, who create beautiful products made with integrity and sustainability in mind. 

Join us on this journey towards achieving an eco-friendly lifestyle. Together we can make a difference.


To empower people to make simple swaps for a better future! 

To make sustainable living more accessible. I want to empower you to make choices that support people and the planet.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

Ode to Earth aims to educate and inspire people to make sustainable changes in their lives, leaving the world a better place for future generations.

What I want to achieve is to...

  • promote eco-friendly products that are ethically sourced and plastic-free where possible
  • help people live a more sustainable lifestyle without compromising on product quality
  • encourage mindful living for better health and wellbeing
  • give back to the community by planting trees and supporting charities

Our Values


Respect for humans, animals and the planet.

All products are ethically sourced, cruelty-free and kind to the Earth.


There’s no judgement or preaching. I want people to feel supported on their sustainability journey regardless of the stage they are at. 


Change starts with education on environmental issues. I love sharing the knowledge I’ve gathered during my journey and empowering others to make small changes.


We’re a community of like-minded people who try to do our best for our planet and support Irish businesses in making and providing sustainable products. 


I encourage a mindful approach to consumption through products that are kinder to our homes and bodies, where the maker, materials used and where they come from are considered.


Ode to Earth's Founder - Caroline

Caroline Griffin - Founder of Ode to Earth

Caroline Griffin lives in Killarney, Co. Kerry with her husband Dan and their three children. Her love for nature inspired her to want to protect it, ever since she set up an environmental group in her school as a teen. Before starting Ode to Earth, Caroline had been a Primary School Teacher for almost 20 years. She is passionate about education and its role in reconnecting people with the natural world and empowering us to do better as humans.

Small steps, big impact

Would you like to be more sustainable but not sure where to start? Explore our collections of plastic-free body, household and kids products, on the go essentials and eco-friendly gift sets.

Don’t forget to check out our blog for more useful tips on how to reduce your environmental impact.

So whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly product or simply interested to learn more about sustainable living, Ode to Earth has something for everyone!  Why not start a better future today with Ode to Earth?