Sustainable Father's Day Gift Guide

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”⁠

Want to know how to say I love you to your wonderful Dad this Father’s Day? With this sustainable Father’s Day Gift Guide, you’ll find unique gifts for dad.

After all, he deserves some credit for everything he’s done for you over the years and don’t forget the other honorary dads in your life— the grandfathers, the brothers, the husbands and friends who’ve all stepped up with strength and nurture.

If you are thinking, what can I gift my dad this Father’s Day?  We’ve compiled a fantastic set of thoughtful, practical, planet-friendly gifts to really make his Father’s Day special and put a much-deserved smile on his face. 

A simple Father’s Day gift idea - sustainable razors 

In 2020, an estimated 5.45 million people used disposable razors. The level of waste created when shaving is not sustainable, with literally billions of plastic razors going into landfills and many more ending up in our oceans. So if you are looking for a sustainable Father’s Day gift idea, below are some eco-friendly alternatives that will be a gift for both dad and the planet.

Sustainable & Reusable Stainless Steel Razor

The Zero Waste Club stainless steel razor is the perfect gift for your dad (and good for the planet!) A perfect alternative to plastic single-use razors. This razor comes with a pack of 10 razor blades and the blades are very easy to replace. These razors are made from stainless steel and much like a father’s love, built to last a lifetime.

The Sustainable Naked Shave Kit

Wave goodbye to disposable plastic razors and poor-quality shaving and treat your dad to the ultimate shaving experience. The quality of this razor speaks for itself and because it is a truly eco-friendly Father's Day gift, the manufacturing of the box is done using renewable energy, reducing the impact on the environment. Hooray!

Razor available in Blue and Brown.

What to get for a minimalist dad? - sustainable shaving accessories

Much like razors, shaving accessories have also had to step up a gear and become more sustainable. It is now possible to buy vegan, cruelty-free products that work harder and better, without causing long-term harm to the environment. If you are wondering what to get for a minimalist dad, here is a selection of perfect sustainable shaving accessories, a gift for a great dad this Father’s Day.

Neptune Vegan Shaving Brush

This 100% vegan shaving brush uses no animal fibres, it is the perfect accompaniment for Father’s Day gift and will make a fantastic addition to your father’s shaving routine. Designed to be long-lasting, they help provide the smoothest shave around.

Sustainable Razor Blade Disposal Tin

You’ve got the razor and the blades, but what do you do with the blades once they are used? We have the answer! Enter the razor disposal tin, created for safely disposing and recycling your razors. These disposal tins are made with quality steel, providing safety and protection. Each disposal case can easily store up to 100 blades. Sleek enough to fit on any countertop, it is the ideal sustainable gift this Father’s Day.

The replacement blades for all razors are amazing value at €2.50 for a pack of 5.  A fraction of the price of conventional blades.  

A perfect Father’s Day gift for dad - sustainable soaps

Many eco-friendly sustainable soap products use potentially harmful ingredients that can damage your skin as well as possibly contributing to other health issues. It’s why many people are opting for more handmade products that favour organic, natural ingredients. Our soaps are 100% handmade, organic and free from all toxic chemicals. These sustainable soaps are a perfect Father’s Day gift for dad this June.

Eco-Friendly Cypress Cedarwood Soap

With its earthy, woody aromas, this natural soap is a perfect gift to pamper your dad this Father’s Day! Palm oil-free, handmade, natural soap, scented with a smoky Cedarwood essential oil. No artificial colours or fragrances, no harsh chemicals, parabens, detergents (SLS/SLES), alcohol or petrochemicals are used. And better still, it arrives in an eco-friendly, 100% recycled & recyclable brown paper packaging. Being eco-friendly never felt so good!

Deep Cleaning Activated Coal Charcoal Soap

This handmade, natural soap is a great idea for a Father’s Day 2022 gift this year. Built for function, it is scented with 100% pure natural clary sage essential oil. Complete with cosmetic grade charcoal, this soap gives an amazing deep cleanse while also naturally exfoliating.

Cheap and thoughtful Father’s Day 2022 gift? - a sustainable lifestyle starter kit

Sustainable Starter Kit

Want to get your dad started on a more sustainable lifestyle? Need a cheap and thoughtful gift for Father’s Day 2022? What better way than gifting him a sustainable lifestyle starter kit! All these products are from Irish businesses and every gift set includes:

Bamboo Toothbrush
Cypress Cedarwood Soap Bar
A Solid Shampoo Bar, Amla & Sweet Marjoram
A Natural Deodorant Cream, Forest Shadow


 Luxury Chocolate from Chocolatey Clare

A beautifully presented gift box containing six Chocolatey Clare bars, one of each flavour.
  • Lemon Crunch
  • Really Raspberry
  • Ginger Crisp
  • Simply Strawberry
  • Salted Peanut
  • Mint Creme
This delicious chocolate is made with raw organic cacao nibs, raw unrefined organic cane sugar, raw organic cacao butter, and organic coconut milk powder, all ethically sourced. The organic cacao products are from the finest Peruvian Criollo beans.
All handcrafted in Ireland.  Vegan and Gluten Free
Mini Boxes - 3 Bars available here


 Men's Skincare Kit

This beautiful gift box contains a Charcoal & Seaweed Face & Body Soap, Rosemary & Cedarwood Beard Oil & Vetiver Sage Beard & Face Balm from Dublin based Oxmantown Skincare.


 Irish Organic Seaweed Bath


Bathe in Pure Nature: Pure, organic and completely natural. This Irish Seaweed bath, hand harvested from the beautiful clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the Kerry coastline has been shown to help against signs of ageing and cellulite. The restorative and detoxifying benefits of seaweed baths have been part of Irish coastal life for over a century.

Why Seaweed Bathing?: Re-mineralises the body. Hydrates and moisturises skin, hair and nails. Removes unwanted toxins. Breaks down lactic acid. Aids the healing process of skin conditions (Psoriasis and Eczema).

 Metal Straw & Keychain

A handy reusable metal straw, brush cleaner and case that attaches to a keyring.

Join us in a global movement to eliminate plastic drinking straws from our cities, bars, restaurants, oceans, and beaches. Simply request “no straw” at bars & restaurants and use your EcoStraw instead! Choose from one of 5 bright and fun colours and attach it to your keyring, or keep in your pocket or bag.

11.5 cm in length. Telescopic Straw and Straw brush cleaner included. Both extend to 23 & 24 cm respectively.

Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Larger size available here

Digital Gift Card

Not forgetting the cards, here are two great options that can in turn be framed to create a beautiful artwork.

Athair Card

An original handwritten calligraphy piece, printed onto beautiful linen textured white cardstock. 

Greeting cards are all A6 size, blank inside for your own message, and accompanied by a recycled kraft envelope. 

Seanathair Card

Whatever you decide to buy this Father’s Day for a dad who wants nothing, remember that the truest gift is the simple gift of presence. Showing up for your dad like he has done for you your whole life is the great gift there is but with these presents be rest assured that you are honouring both him and the planet that you both love.

Happy Father’s Day, all!

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