Deodorant Cream - Unisex - Cooling Breeze

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Deodorant Cream - Unisex - Cooling Breeze

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Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Lemongrass

A natural alternative to conventional deodorant that effectively eliminates body odour. This deodorant cream has a mousse like consistency ensuring easy application without greasiness.

The Deodorant Cream removes body odour by preventing bacteria from causing a smell with a slight antiperspirant effect – thanks to added zinc oxide (without nanoparticles). However, your body can still safely get rid of the waste and all the harmful substances by sweating. It does not prevent the body from doing what is natural to it. 

The scent of this deodorant is fresh, cooling with citrus undertones, suitable for both men and women. 

Active Ingredients in the Deodorant Cream:                                                   

  • Arrowroot Powder – moisture-absorbing properties, removing odour
  • Shea Butter – antibacterial and hydrating properties
  • Coconut Oil – antibacterial and hydrating properties
  • Sodium Bicarbonate – a fatty acid neutralizer responsible for odour
  • Zinc Oxide – antibacterial and hydrating properties
  • Allantoin – it comes from the comfrey root and has anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – antifungal & antiseptic properties
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil – antifungal & antiseptic properties
  • Lemongrass Essential Oil – antifungal & antiseptic properties

How to Use the Deodorant Cream:

After taking a shower, take a small amount of deodorant with your finger and gently massage the fine layer into the armpits until it is fully absorbed.

Store this product in a dry, cool and dark place to maintain its quality.

Do not combine this product with other chemical alternatives as this would reduce the effectiveness.

50ml in each tin